Depending upon the nature of the client relationship, we will take, as relevant, the following steps:


Having decided that the Financial Sector will produce superior returns, the next step in our process is to select those financial institutions that are likely to be the best performing in their sector.  

We do this by a top-down approach.  



We look at the countries in which our clients are mandated to invest.


We conduct a thorough analysis of the economic prospects for each of those countries and evaluate any peculiarities of the country including political risk.  

  • The purpose of this analysis is to identify those countries that are likely to grow the fastest over the next 5 to 10 years.  We believe that by doing this not only do we identify those countries whose currencies are likely to appreciate most against our own but also those that will be the most profitable for the financial institutions operating in them. 

  • Financial institutions are to a large extent proxies for the economies in which they operate.  If those economies are growing rapidly and generating wealth that creates a good business environment in which financial institutions can prosper.  This is why country economic analysis takes precedence over stock selection in our investment process. 


Having done this, we order countries from best to worst. 


We then systematically look at all of the financial institutions in those countries which are available for us to invest in.  These are then in turn also ordered by their likely future prospects. 

  • Fundamental research is paramount: We employ a top-down investment process that considers a country’s macro-economic performance and prospects before evaluating a company.

  • Meet the Management: Leveraging off our network of specialised brokers, we make every effort to meet the management of those companies that we are interested in investing in. It is our contention that to truly appreciate and gain insight into the company it is essential to see, review and assess them in their core marketplace.


Once this is done, we invest in those financial institutions which we believe will offer the best future returns.

  • Concentrated portfolio: Our investment style is to run a relatively concentrated portfolio of well researched stocks. We do not believe in taking a management fee to simply mirror the market or hold a basket of large cap stocks.

  • Team approach: We run a team of well informed and highly trained investment analysts, building upon, and leveraging off, our founder's extensive financial sector experience, providing coverage for all eventualities.


  • Vision: By far our most important asset. The ability to spot and capitalise on opportunities ahead of the market