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Astronauts called Earth the "blue planet" as it appeared that colour when viewed from space, with the oceans and seas covering over 70% of the earth's surface. Our planet is unique in our universe and beyond; earth is the only planet that we know of, that is able to sustain life. There has been life on Earth for 3.6 billion years. The diversity of life on our planet is truly amazing, and represents one of our most precious resources.


We at Blue Planet Investment Management Ltd aim to provide investors with first class investment management and to support environmental issues for the benefit of present and future generations. The Directors support a number of charities who strive to protect and preserve the environment of our precious planet. We are keen to act in an environmentally responsible and ethical manner, and we encourage the companies in which we are invested to adopt a similar approach. If we act together we represent a powerful force for good and positive change in our World. We must preserve what is ours now for future generations through nurture, responsibility and vision.



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