Blue Planet investment management



Capita Registrars are the Trust Registrars.  They deal with the administration side of things in relation to the Blue Planet Trusts and shareholders can contact them directly.
Capita will deal with:

  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Lost/destroyed certificates
  • Shareholder death
  • Confirmation of holding

Capita do not provide valuations – they can only confirm number of shares held by the shareholder.

Capita now allow shareholders to update their details directly through their "Shareholder Portal" which can be found at  Simply search for the investment trust and follow the steps to access your account.

Share prices are found on the main page of ; the most current data can be obtained from  by entering in the name or code of the investment trust, and multiplying the BID price by the number of shares. The London Stock Exchange codes for the Blue Planet Investment Trust plc is "BLP" 

Note that the Blue Planet Investment Trust share prices are not currently displayed in the Financial Times newspaper or online.

Blue Planet Investment Management Ltd is  Company Secretary to the Investment Trusts, but does not hold details of individual shareholders.  For information on shareholding, including change of details and to notify of the death of a shareholder, individuals should contact the Registrar for the Investment Trusts directly:

Capita Registrars
The Registry
34 Beckenham Road
0871 664 0300*       
+44 208 639 3399 (from overseas)       

 “(calls cost 10p a minute plus network extras, lines are open 9.00am-5.30pm Mon-Fri)


As a shareholder, you may hold shares in the Blue Planet Investment Trusts in a nominee account, such as with your broker.  Otherwise, you will hold your shares in your own name. If shares are held in your own name, a share certificate is issued to you which you must keep carefully, as it is proof of ownership and required to transact in the shares.

Capita advises never to sell, transfer or deposit stock without a share certificate; to do so will only result in the rejection of such requests.  Capita levies a charge to issue replacement share certificates; this charge is paid by the shareholder directly to Capita, and the Blue Planet Investment Trusts do not receive any of the fee.

The cost for a replacement share certificate depends on the value of the shares which it represents.  For values over £100, there is a requirement for a countersignatory, which also attracts a fee. See this link to Capita's own website for a table of fees and further information:

The time taken by Capita to issue a new share certificate is approximately three to five working days from the time it receives the correctly completed forms and fees from the shareholder.

The following forms can be downloaded from Capita Registrars website:

Dividend Mandate Form
Change of Address Form
Stock Transfer Form